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About Blood of Vengeance - US Turalyon
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Blood of Vengeance is a 25-man progression raiding guild on the US-Turalyon server. We're a tight-knit group with an emphasis on pushing difficult progression content at a competitive pace while at the same time having fun with each other. Laughs, insults, jokes, and boss kills are the names of our games.

- Current Roster -
Hasselhooff - Protection                    ßadbeef - Blood
Jiráchi - Holy Dacro - Discipline 
Mortarius - Restoration
ßishøp- Restoration
ßibiana - Holy   
Shilo - Discipline
Monahar - Restoration
Nickolasrage - Arms
Malie - Shadow Galila - Survival Grimr- Frost Sinhero - Retribution
Alumita - Arms Miniredhulk - Subtlety Ninjachicken - Beast Mastery Grimmarottz - Frost Bùrnt - Elemental
Ismeree - Shadow Tarzzahn - Beast Mastery Shaydee - Destruction Tamaira- Frost    
Mastraa - Shadow Gonzoo - Beast Mastery
Dotti - Destruction Nosirrag - Windwalker    
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